Journal Articles

Gender Wage Gap, Gender Norms, and Long-Term Care: A Theoretical Framework with Ignacio Gonzalez and Maria S. Floro.  Feminist Economics (2022).

How Do Female Labor Force Participation Rates Change During Episodes of Globalization and Marginalization? Evidence from 1990 to 2019 with Bernhard Gunter and Farah Tasneem. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Global Studies (2021).

Experiences of Learning Flow Among Korean Adolescents with Kwisoon Choe, Youngmi Kang and Boksun Yang. Learning and Individual Differences (2015).

Working Papers

Caring for Parents and Spouses: How Paid Leave Shapes Caregivers' Work and Well-Being (under review)

Beyond Subminimum: Disability Employment and the Impact of Eliminating 14(c) Certificates (with Hoa Vu and Michelle Yin)

Global Evaluation of the Special Olympics Unified Champions School Program in Six Countries (with Michelle Yin)

Policy Reports

Valuing Rural Minority Communities: Inclusive Growth, Broadband, and Leadership with M. Henry-Nickie

Black-Owned Businesses in U.S. Cities: The Challenges, Solutions, and Opportunities for Prosperity  with A. Perry, A. Barr, C. Romer, and K. Broady

Creating Community-Determined Rural Policies: How Native Women Transform Challenges into Impactful Social Entrepreneurship with M. Henry-Nickie

Broadband is the Economic Development Tool of the 21st Century: How Broadband Opens Doors for a Majority-Hispanic Boomtown in West Texas with M. Henry-Nickie

Empowering the Gullah/Geechee Economy with M. Henry-Nickie

Erasing Stigmas Through Community-Directed Change with M. Henry-Nickie

Blog Posts

June's Jobs Report Shows Warning Signs for Workers of Color with O. Odumosu, A. Barr, and A. Perry

Three Questions for the Labor Market's Near Future with M. Henry-Nickie and A. Barr

As the Jobs Recovery Nears Completion, It's Time to Talk About Job Quality with M. Henry-Nickie and A. Barr

Even with Positive Job Reports, Systemic Problems are Hurting Vulnerable Job Seekers with M. Henry-Nickie and A. Barr

Ahead of the State of the Union, a Biden To-Do List for 2022 with A. Perry, M. Henry-Nickie, and A. Barr

How Devalued are Homes in NFL Teams' Metro Areas? with A. Perry and A. Barr